Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First off I have to say I am doing ok. My weight got down to 146 at my lowest. My confidence soared at that point! I was getting back to the best part of me. The confident, stand up straight, doubt free spirit of me. Now I am hovering between 147-149. I am struggling and I feel myself sliding. Especially now that I am back to work.

The hardest thing is since I am more active, I am hungrier. I don't tolerate hunger well. Even the slightest bit. I tend to go for the high fat snacks and sugar. Those seems to satisfy the hunger and me, the best.

The next hardest thing is the stress of being back to work. I want to eat when I am stressed.

The key will be to keep healthy snacks and food in the house and eliminate the sugary and bad fat foods. I never begrudge myself fat, but it has to be the healthy kind. Avocados, nuts, good protein sources, olive oil, those kinds. The sugar in fruit is perfect, especially this time of year. Right now I have a big jar of gourmet jelly beans left over from a party. Those are going to have to go. And there is a big jar of peanut butter staring at me every time I open the refrigerator, I need to move that!

I have always loved transformations. Before and Afters. I've been watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Addition. I love to watch the process they go through. They soar in the beginning when they have one-on-one help for the first 90 days. Then the next 90 when they are on their own, they inevitably slide backwards. They start feeling bad & then they get back on the wagon and do better. In the end it seems as if they don't do as well as they could've, because of the falling off and getting back the wagon they do throughout the year. I see myself doing the same thing.

You could argue that people aren't perfect and they don't have to do things perfectly. Shit happens. Just do the best you can. Progress Not Perfection. I agree with all of that.

However, from what I see, it seems the EXCUSES are the mostly limiting factor. And this is my biggest downfall. I let everything get in my way and I become a victim to my own life.

I cancelled my pilates class monday night because I had a rash that was suspected to be shingles. It was not. Not only did I miss it, but I closed a door in my brain. It's like I was walking down a long hallway and I had 2 doors to chose from. Door #1 Cancel class, play it safe. Door #2 go and do your best. Maybe it's more like riding an elevator. Floor #1 takes you down, Floor #2 takes you up. Either way, one plays it very safe and keeps you stuck and the other lifts you up and out of the old way of being and thinking.

So I've decided to have a NO EXCUSES mentality. I am going to suck it up and follow through. Even if I am tired, even if I had a bad day, even if my foot hurts, even if, even if!


Wish me Luck!